How To Prepare Appliances For Storage

If you are planning to store appliances in a self-storage unit, there are some things to know first. Each appliance needs to be prepared accordingly, and stored safely so that when you retrieve it, it will still be in good working condition. Here are tips for preparing and storing different types of appliances in a self-storage unit.


When storing a refrigerator, it needs to be unplugged for at least a day before you intend to move. Empty out the entire refrigerator and freezer, being sure even ice cube trays and ice packs are out. Look through the drawers and in the door, as those are common places to forget things are stored. After it is emptied and unplugged, allow the freezer to defrost completely. Clean and dry inside the refrigerator and freezer, including cleaning out the drawers and other special compartments. Secure the racks or remove them and store separately. Disconnect the water line if you have an ice machine.

Stove and Oven

Electric and gas stoves need to be cleaned inside and outside thoroughly. Clean the racks inside, and pull them out to be sure you can clean the inside walls of the oven. You also want to clean outside of the oven on all sides, and the stove if one is attached. For a gas stove, be sure the gas is turned off and disconnected before you attempt to clean it. Gas lines need to be handled very carefully. Tape down all elements of the stove, including all knobs.

Washer and Dryer

To store a washer and/or dryer, clean the inside and outside of the appliances after unplugging them. Be sure you have disconnected all water hoses and put them in a labeled box. If there are any empty spaces in this box, cushion them with pillows or blankets so they don't get damaged. The drum of the washer needs to be secured before you move and store it. For more instructions, the manufacturer's instructions should come with advice for properly storing these appliances.


If you are going to put your dishwasher in a self-storage unit, be sure it is first emptied. Not only should it not contain any dishes, but you also want to remove the utensil holder and any other removable parts that are used to organize items inside the appliance. Pack all of these items separately. Clean out the dishwasher and make sure it is dry before storing it. Tape the door closed before you move it.

Storing Appliances

Once the appliances are prepared, place wood pallets at the bottom of your storage unit. Appliances should not be left directly on the ground of the storage unit to avoid pest infestation and water damage. Put them on top of the pallets. Small appliances can also be placed on pallets, or inside plastic storage bins.

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