Marine Storage

What does boat stand for? The old adage says "Bust Out Another Thousand", and it always seems to get a good laugh. The truth is that boats aren't a small expense, so you should be concerned with protecting yours during the offseason. Finding the right boat storage facility to suit your budget and your lifestyle is as easy as choosing from one of these three options:

Home Storage

If you have the space, your boat is trailerable, and you have a good cover for your boat home storage may be for you. Selecting the right cover for your boat is the key. Custom covers with sturdy frames are the most durable and costly option. They are typically the longest lasting. An off the shelf cover may work for your budget, but won't provide quite the same protection. Get the best cover you can afford, and make sure it's breathable, strong, and water resistant. In either case consider adding a quick-up style portable awning for extra UV protection, protection from the elements, and protection from falling objects like leaves or branches. This will ensure your boat and its cover are well protected. 

Boat Yard 

Boat yards offer storage options for boats of all sizes, and will professionally wrap your boat for you. The wrap is a shrink to fit breathable plastic that is also water resistant. They will typically charge by the foot for this service, and DIY kits are available for purchase at marine supply stores. One potential drawback to storing your shrink wrapped boat in a boat yard is access to the boat to perform any planned upgrades or repairs. 

Indoor Storage

A good indoor boat storage facility will provide you with the best protection from the elements and total availability to perform needed repairs and upgrades during the winter months. Some storage facilities offer climate control, and some do not. Weighing the cost of indoor storage against the damage that years of outdoor storage can cause is an important consideration. This may be the most user friendly option as transportation, winterization, and storage services can all be offered by one company. The drawback again is that someone else will dictate the hours to which you'll have access to your boat. 

Selecting the right boat storage option for yourself is as simple as considering these three options, and selecting which one best fits your budget and service needs. Happy boating.