How To Get Your Pets Safely Through A Move

If you are moving your household, there are a lot of variables to remember. One thing you shouldn't forget about are the needs of your pets. You will be causing a disruption in their lives and it is up to you to make a move as smooth as possible. Here are four things to remember to do for your pets when moving.

1. Keep Pet Necessities in One Place

Pet items and food tend to be stored with general home supplies that might be blindly packed away. Remember that pets are going to need to play during the entire moving process. Pack up a pet supply bag that will stay with your pet during the move. That way they will have their toys and food and you won't have to go digging for this right before or after your move.

2. Eliminate Hiding Places

Pets might get scared during a moving process and hide. If you have hired on a moving company, strangers in your home can add to stress. If you are ready to go and your pet won't come out from hiding, this can be worrisome and frustrating. Keep pets inside while packing so that they cannot escape or try to hide because of stress.

3. Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

It is a good idea to not have your pets around on moving day, on either side of your move. If pets can either be relegated to a bathroom or be crated, this can help with the process. If your move is major, having your pets stay in a boarding facility or with relatives can keep them safe. Especially with cats, it is good to get them away from the disruptions and out of the home if possible.

4. Help Pets Settle in Your New Home

Have a safe space designated for your pet at your new home. Whether this be a room or an area for their crate in a quiet location, let them get settled on their own before letting them check out their new environment. Don't bring pets into the fold until the moving company has dropped off furniture and unpacking is getting started. This way, familiar smells and items will be there to help your pet get adjusted to their new home.

Your pets are a part of your family and will pick up cues from you that something is changing in their lives. Try to keep moving disruptions as minimal as possible for your pets, so that they aren't unnecessarily stressed or anxious about an imminent move. Make the process of packing, moving and unpacking as easy on your pets as possible.