Four Ways To Store Your Comic Books Safely

When you collect comic books they can quickly dominate your book shelves. You may even proudly display them in your home. But, is this the safest place for them? The short answer, probably not.

Comic books have their values determined by what kind of condition they're in, and there are three things you never want near your comics:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Mildew

Never mind the pet that ate your homework in fifth grade.

So, how can you store them in the safest way possible?

Use Archival Quality Products

When preparing to store your comics, make sure you use acid-free or archival quality storing products. The supplies you will need to round up are:

  • Back Boards
  • Mylar Sleeves
  • Comic Storage Boxes

When it comes time to store your comics, place each individual comic on a back board, this supports the comic and prevents bending. After it's on the back board, place the comic in a mylar sleeve and seal it.

Please note that even if you opt to use acid-free products, be forewarned that acid can develop over time. It's best to check in on your comics frequently, checking for any yellowing or bleeding of inks into the back boards. 

Pay Attention to Size

Have your comics organized before you begin the storage process, paying special attention to group comics of the same size together. When it comes time to put them in a storage box, if you have comics of a different size, they can be bent and damaged when stored in the same box.

Practice Strict Mildew Control

Mildew is a comic collector's worst fear. It can ravage a collection, leaving it with little value. Mildew flourishes where it is dark, humid and stale with little air circulation. The spores that cause mildew can germinate within 12 hours and colonize in as little as 1-12 days.

You will know if your comics are affected by the telltale odor. You can remove your comics from the sleeves and let them air out for several days. However, if this doesn't fix the problem, it's best to cull the offending comics from your collection. The mildew is able to travel through mylar sleeves and infect the rest of your collection.

Consider a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Comics are incredibly susceptible to humidity and mildew. This makes the places they're most likely to be stored in your home, like your attic or basement, far from ideal.

Consider storing your comics in a temperature controlled storage unit, especially if you have an extensive collection. These units are dry, and because temperature and humidity levels don't fluctuate in them, they are a prime storage area for your collection.

If you love your comics, do the right thing for them. Store them in a temperature controlled environment, safe from excessive light and moisture. Doing so will make sure your comics are in great condition for years to come. To find out more about storage, contact a company like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage.