Prepping Your Household Items For Self Storage

Moving your household items into storage is a different process than just moving things to a new space to be unpacked immediately. Items that will be kept in storage need to be safe, secure, and efficiently packed. Here are four ways you can prepare your household items to be packed into a storage unit in the best possible way.

1. Think about Efficiency

Getting all of your items into haphazard boxes won't help for storage. This is a good time to source boxes or bins that are all the same size and are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of stacking for long periods of time. Once you get to your storage unit, don't accidentally put the light boxes on the bottom since they are first out of the truck. Reload your self storage unit with heavy boxes on the bottom so that boxes won't break down over time, leading to damage.

2. Think about Safety & Security

Be sure to hide items that are of more value or put them in the back of your unit so they aren't easy to find if someone breaks into your storage unit. Make sure that heavy or awkwardly shaped items aren't jammed overhead, which might fall on you the next time you open your unit.

3. Measure Large Items Ahead of Time

If you will be storing large items in your storage unit, make sure to measure these ahead of time to ensure that everything will actually fit. Items will look a lot bigger once you get to your storage unit. Make sure you have rented a space that is big enough to accommodate any furnishings or large items you will need to store.

4. Don't Rush the Job

If you are in a hurry the day that you load up your storage unit, you might not do the best job getting your items packed in the safest, most efficient manner. Filling up a storage unit can be a bit like a puzzle, so it is important that you take the time to get it right. Make sure to leave a space to access your items within the unit so you can step in to remove items or rearrange.

Packing up a storage unit might not be something you are looking forward to, but you will thank yourself later if you take the right steps to get your things packed up well. You are paying for storage so be sure to get the most out of it.