3 Simple Tricks to Make Unpacking an Easier Process to Handle

Whether you are moving across the country or just across the street, packing up everything you own and transporting it to another location is a major feat for most people. Even more time consuming than the move itself, unpacking can be specifically daunting as well, especially since you are already worn out from making the move. If you want to see the unpacking process move along a little faster, there are three simple tricks that you should keep in mind both while you are packing, during the move, and when you start the whole process.

1. Make Use of a Color-Coded Packing System

When you first start packing, create a color-coded system that involves a specific color for each room. When you start closing up boxes, use the designated room color to mark your boxes with the color of markers matched to the color of the tape if possible. You may even choose to use specific-colored containers for packing. When you start pulling everything back out after the move, there will be no question as to which box should go where.

2. Map Out Your New Location in Advance

Sketch out a simple diagram of your new home before you move. Make note of where you want certain furniture pieces, wall decorations, and other household items. You may even choose to create a diagram for each room. For example, go ahead and sketch a diagram of your kitchen and mark where small appliances should be and which cabinets will be used for what purpose. When you are unpacking, having your ideas mapped out in advance will save you a lot of time.

3. Unpack from the Ground-Up

It may sound like a logical thing, but you would be surprised how many people just start grabbing and unpacking without giving a thought to the "ground-up" rule of unpacking in each room after a move. Start with large items first, such as furniture and items that will be placed on the floor. From there, work your way up to other items, saving the wall decor and cabinetry items for last.

Do not let the sight of a houseful of boxes make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. When you take a little time to plan out your unpacking process, you will see your new living arrangement fall into place much more quickly. Keep this list handy and talk to your chosen moving company, one like Wheaton World Wide Moving, about any further recommendations they have.