Finding The Right Tune: How To Protect Your Guitar Collection In Self Storage

There are numerous reason you may collect guitars. You could have inherited the guitars from a musically-inclined grandfather, simply love the way guitars look or are a music buff yourself and enjoy playing various stringed instruments. Whatever the case may be, it is likely that your guitar collection means a lot to you. Therefore, a priority when it comes to storing your collection in a self-storage unit is protecting those beautiful music makers. Here are a few storage protection tips to follow:

Make Sure the Body of the Guitar Is Spotless.

A guitar corporation, Gibson says that it is imperative that your guitar is clean and polished. It needs to stay clean at all times so that no dust or debris cakes up on the guitar and diminishes its appearance. This is particularly important to do before you store it because it will be put up for days, weeks or even months at a time. During this time, you won't be able to keep a close eye on it to see if any accumulation has been made. Therefore, cleaning it first and then storing it (the right way) will keep airborne contaminants away and from doing any lasting damage. Stick to a strict guitar polish that is made to work with guitar finishes, as household polishes can damage the existing finish.

Climate Control Units Are Key.

Like most collections, guitars can become damaged in excessive high temperatures. Therefore, you need to store your stringed instrument collection in a cool and dry place. For this reason, you should only opt for climate-controlled storage units that maintain the same temperature day and night, every day of the year, to keep your guitars safe from any heat-related harm.

Don't Forget to De-tune Those Strings.

If you plan on storing your guitar collection for a significant period of time, Sweetwater recommends de-tuning the strings by at least a step. This helps to protect the neck of the guitar in the event that there are extreme fluctuations in temperatures.

Take It for a Few Strums.

Although you are storing your guitars for a reason, it is important that you check on them every so often to ensure there has been no damage to them. According to Gibson, it may also be a good idea to give each guitar a few tickles of the strings. This helps to ensure that they continue to operate properly and decreases the chances of compromised playability.

Now, with all of the above said and done, you just need to pop your babies into their respective cases and then into a large plastic bag. For more information, contact Northgate Mini Storage or a similar location.