3 Ways To Protect Your Items In Storage

Many people end up having to put their items in self storage units. Whether it be that they are relocating to another area and aren't sure where they are going to live or they are having to go into a smaller property and don't have room for all of their belongings, a storage unit provides you with the extra space required in your time of need. However, you want to make sure your belongings are protected at all costs. It isn't going to do you any good to put your items in storage and have them end up getting destroyed because they weren't stored properly. Here are three ways to protect your items while they are in storage.

Use plastic storage containers.

One of the easiest ways to protect your items is to put them in plastic storage containers. Not only does this make it easy to stack your items inside of the storage facility, but it also allows you to put more items inside of them since they can hold more. If the facility were to leak due to a heavy rainstorm or snowfall, your items would still be safe inside of the containers. The plastic helps to repel water and prevent it from soaking into all of your possessions.

Put your items on pallets.

Another simple way to protect your items in storage is to put everything on pallets inside of the storage unit. Just put enough pallets down to cover the entire floor of the unit. Once down, put everything on top of the pallets and stack like normal. This keeps your items high enough up that you shouldn't have to worry about water on the floor leaking through to your items. This works great during times of condensation during the warmer summer months.

Package items properly.

You want to make sure your items are securely packaged inside of their containers. This means wrapping dishes with bubble wrap and surrounding breakables with blankets and other soft, cushioned materials. This will prevent accidental breakage from items shifting around as you move them in the storage unit, especially when trying to find something inside of your unit in a hurry.

By following the tips above, you can make sure your items are safe and secure for quite some time. Don't leave your items to chance. Take the proper precautions to keep everything well taken care of in the event of an unexpected event.